Friday, November 20, 2009

Another door panel done - more nondestructiveness

I upgraded from Adobe CS2 to CS4 a few months ago. I'm really glad I did. There was a BIG jump in functions and I've fallen in love with Photoshop all over again. What was cool before is WAY COOL now. The function I used on the photo on the left was actually available on CS3. It is called auto align layers and works great when you take photos of a group of people but someone wasn't looking at the camera and someone else had their eyes closed. I didn't think I'd really take advantage of it since it is very rare for me to take group photos like that. BUT what it did work great on for me was a photo of a bottom panel of my non-destructive doors. I had another panel ready to go a while back but couldn't seem to locate the 3M stick-ons. I knew if I bought more I'd find them. When a few weeks went by and this panel kept getting in my way I knew I had to buy more. When I took photos of the panel one had glare in some spots and the other photo had glare elsewhere. This is the beauty of this Photoshop function. Just open the images and drag one to the other so you have two layers. Then add a layer mask and paint away the bad to reveal the good. That's a real simplistic way to explain it but that's what is happening.

So if you didn't see any of your traded artwork before maybe you do now. If you still don't then we haven't traded...maybe we can fix that some day!

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  1. A-Ha!I see my Moo card - his name is "Stubby" and he was almost bought at the sale by a lady who has parrots and said he looked like a pirate. she's thinking about it so he's on hold.
    don from austin but not there right now