Saturday, November 28, 2009

What I didn't do on Black Friday

Black Friday is the term for the day after Thanksgiving when the retailers finally get in the "black" or profit area as opposed to all year when they are running in the red. I didn't get up or stay up for the local outlet shopping that began at midnight. I didn't get up for the 4am JC Penney opening or the 5am opening at Target or other stores. I didn't rush out to the mall. So what did I do? I went grocery shopping at the base commissary. It was a very pleasurable experience to shop without crowds. My commissary gets very good traffic and it if often quite full. I did go over to the Base Exchange which is right next door. There wasn't that many people there either. I think it is hard for them to compete with the specialty stores, the mall and the outlets for many items. I did get a 1.5TB external hard drive for $99 and the limited edition collectible DVD of the 70th anniversary edition Wizard of Oz for $49 so I was pretty happy with my purchases and didn't have to fight for a parking spot or the crowds. After that it was back home to watch TV and decorate the house and Christmas tree.

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