Monday, November 2, 2009

Stamp Scrap Art Tour Classes Part2

This is Jackie from Inky Antics. She used to be a middle school teacher and I think she must have been a good one because this is the third year I've taken classes with her. She must have done the best lesson plans because the instruction sheets you get with her classes can be done months after the classes and you get the same great results. Also, with a class of 17 we all finished with plenty of time to spare. We made four interactive cards in this class.

This is the first card. She called it taking a leap of faith because we couldn't quite figure out how it was going to work until just near the end. From the outside you see the cupcake but when you open it you see the sentiment. There is a bit of engineering going on when you open it that makes the sentiment slide in front of the cupcake.

This second card doesn't look like much when you get it but when you pull the ribbon you get the self standing box, pretty neat!

This third card is a confetti flinger. When you pull on the ribbon on the bottom it sets in motion the catapult box inside to fling confetti you have put inside the triangle pocket.

This is the last card. Pulling on the ribbon swings up the outside of the card to reveal the sentiment.

My family loves getting these cards. They are a real hit with young and old alike. They are VERY easy to make but look complicated.

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