Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Desert Make and Take at Hampton Stamp Scrap Art Tour Part1

This Desert Make and Take Party was the biggest of the year for the folks at Stamp Scrap Art Tour. We had 90 people in attendance. We made five projects then took a break for some great deserts and refreshments and then finished the final four projects. The way it works is you sit at any table, do the project and then about 15-20 minutes later you go to another table and do another project. You get a goodie bag when you enter with a ticket for door prizes. In between rotations to your new table they call out numbers and give out some great prizes. Chris, the gal I was sitting with won a book but isn't into handmade papers so she gave it to me!!! Wow, thanks Chris. I gave her some of the stuff I wasn't going to use in my goodie bag so I hope she was happy.

This was the card I made at the Rubber Cottage table highlighting a great background stamp and the elephant stamp they sell.

At the Just for Fun table we made two cards. The stamped border in both cards are their famous stamps. You can purchase a template to put on top after you've stamped to make your faux postage more realistic. In this case we did a bit of recycling cutting out images to fit inside the templates.
I made this card at the Purple Daisy Designs table. They were selling a kit that included the butterfly stamp and punch, the other stamps and the pre-cut card stock for a pretty good price. Attending these make and takes allows you to get first dibs on these show specials.
This card was from the Stamps N' More table. They were highlighting the stamp that was used to create this bag. You stamp on the reverse side of your patterned paper and cut it out to form a shopping bag. Add some cord and you are done.
I made this card at the Stamps on Fire table. They were highlighting this new border stamp and the glitter markers we used to color in the image.
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