Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh no!....not more foot photos!!!

I don't actually recall saying I wasn't going to put any more photos of my foot on this blog! If you reference the last post that I made about my foot there was no mention of this.  Anyway, even though it was over 80 degrees yesterday for Halloween it is now November and that much closer to ski season. With that in mind I just had to see if I could get my foot into my old ski boots. I did but I'll have to admit it wasn't all that comfortable compared to my left foot. There was some discomfort right on the scar. My only trip of the upcoming ski season is planned for January so I've got a little more time. I had thought of getting new boots but I think I should see if I can ski in these first before I shell out about $300-400 for new boots and heaters. I have primary Raynauds and get extremely cold hands and feet in the winter. You'd think I'd find another way to have fun but I say "I like winter but winter doesn't like me".

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