Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Altered Tin with Lesley Vanable

This was a fun project. I have been saving a few (well more than a "few") tins for a while knowing someday I'd figure out what to do with them. Lesley Venable had us buy a few supplies and bring some things to decorate our tins. She supplied the tins the "pages" to go inside along with the mini ball chain to hold them together. She brought some great collage images and supplies too. Oh yeah, her husband made the greatest cookies all packaged in bundles --- yummy!! If you look at the picture on the far left my tin is finished but I wasn't crazy about how the key was adhered to the top. I hadn't intended it to be used as the way to open and close the tin but I wanted it more secure and flush with the top. I came home and showed it to Hubby who had a great idea. He inserted a molly spacer into the bottom of the key. This is the same thing you'd use on drywall with a heavy wall hanging. Then he drilled a bigger hole in the tin and used a screw to hold the key to the top of the lid. The last two photos show the new and improved tin with a bit more detail on the front and back. I love the rusty patina look.

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  1. Looking good! Sounds like Hubby needs to work on the Hubble for us. I'll try it on mine.
    Susan, your table partner.