Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Frayed Edge with Claudine Hellmuth

On the 9th I gave you a teaser of "The Frayed Edge" with Claudine Hellmuth. Only thing is the Sticky Back canvas photos weren't frayed.

I played with the colors today as you can see from the other six canvas pieces I did in this class. I made a collage piece in shades of green using Claudines gel medium as my "glue". I did a gel medium transfer with the pink/red canvas using an image that Claudine provided from her extensive supplies. The tan canvas has a gesso transfer (note the gesso remains white unlike the clear look of the gel medium transfer). The blue and purple/pink canvas pieces aren't finished yet. The yellow one has some gesso stamped leaves and some gel stamped flowers (they are very faint).

It was a great class to play with her paints and learn just how great they are.
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