Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 2 at Art and Soul last year

While I’m at Art and Soul for the next few days I’ll show what I made last year at this time. Hopefully it won’t take me another year to photo what I am currently making!

Here’s the photos from my second class with Albie Smith. This class was a two-fer, we made two art books for the price of one. The first was similar to yesterdays but without the paste paper. We decorated both sides of the paper with the watered down gesso with other art paints. When that dried we picked one side to decorate with stencils or stamps using the gesso and paints at full strength. After that dried we made a fold and the secured the pages one to another with a very strong tape.

The second book used black paper as the background along with the full strength gesso and art paints. We then “made” the book by trimming the full sheet and attaching sections. Again, to preserve original design I won’t go into more detail but if you take one of her classes you’ll get all the secrets.

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