Friday, May 8, 2009

Art and Soul really rocked this year!!

I had seven classes at Art & Soul this year. Two on Thursday and Friday and one each Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I met a lot of wonderfully talented and fun people. The staff of Glenny and Bee were the best. Maria, Richard and Jen set up the best store in the state for those five days. Here's some photos of me and the instructors I had. Later I'll show you my finished pieces.

My Thursday day class was altering a band-aid tin with Lesley Venable.

Thursday and Friday evening I had Traci Bunkers as my instructor. Thursday evening we made our own "silk" screens and Friday was spent making our own stamps.

Friday and Sunday I had classes with Claudine Hellumth. Friday was The Frayed Edge and Sunday was Adventures in Color.

Saturday I had the class Five Books in One Day with Jill Berry.

Monday I ended with Longstitch Variations taught by Chrissie Hines.

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