Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Design I first assignment

This was my first assignment for Design I. First find a twig/branch/leaf or something with some shape. You should have seen the class walking around campus looking at the ground. You would have thought someone lost a contact lens or something. Draw the item. Take tracing paper and make a mirror image or copies until you have an interesting but simple design. Possibly add a design element like I did since my item was a bit too simple. The whole point is to emphasize the negative/positive aspects and to learn to paint with gouache (pronounced like gwash). Gouache is an old style paint. It is a watercolor but with an added ingredient to make it opaque. It dries quickly to a matte finish. It comes in MANY colors but for class we only had two yellows, two reds, one blue, one violet and one green black and white. We “made” the rest by mixing. Since this was our first project we used the paint right out of the tube and didn't need to mix. We only needed to get the correct consistency by adding water.

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