Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm pretty good at remembering to scan every ATC and card I make. I name them by the recipient and then the reason. For the card I made yesterday I named it "MomThinkingOfYouJan09". I keep the cards in one folder and the ATC's in another and my mini books in a third. I'm a bit type "A" about my organization but I have to say that I rarely can't find something. I take photos of the larger projects that can't fit on the flatbed scanner. The scanning produces a decent photo but the color is off. I have the luxury of having the full version of Photoshop so I make my adjustments using that software. I compare the scan to the original and usually adjust the image by going to "Image-adjustments-color balance". I know every monitor is different but if it looks good on mine that's the best I can do and hope I've captured a good image for all of you out there. I save my images as a .jpg unless I'm doing layered Photoshop work then I save it as a .psd which is a Photoshop document. My camera doesn't shoot in the .raw mode so those images are saved as a .jpg as well unless doing serious Photoshop work. I do reduce the file size of my camera work since you all don't need to see a 5 megapixel photo. If you have some sort of image processing software play with the settings a bit and you'll probably be happy with the results you can come up with. It is just digits and if you don't like what you do don't save the changes. Until my next post, Diane

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  1. good info. What kind of scanner? Does it have software where you can tweak the setting to get the colors better?