Thursday, January 29, 2009

Penny Spinner Cards

I like going to a Rubber Stamp Show/Convention when I can. I’m lucky enough to have one VERY close to where I live. About 8 of the vendors own the promotion company so they travel to all of the shows. The rest of the vendors come from various locations to supplement with their specific type of crafty items. I’ve been taking classes at these shows. I haven’t learned anything that I probably couldn’t do on my own BUT I get a finished product with instructions and can then adapt it to my supplies. I learned how to make these spinner cards at a class and thought it would be a great card to give to a kid. Basically you put two pennies together with a foam pop dot and insert it in a slit that is elevated with foam squares. On top of the penny you put something like the circus animal or cowgirl and when you tilt the card that item goes around in a circle. If you google spinner card you’ll come up with picture and video tutorials to help you if you want to make one. For these cards I used a paper from the Kazoo Kids collection by K&Co.

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