Thursday, January 22, 2009

One piece of paper -- Design II second book

Here’s the second book I did for my Design II class. Our instructor, Peter Giscombe, said this was a problem solving class and it was. We kept a journal through the semester to write down ideas, web links and our thoughts. At the beginning of the semester he said there would be a point in the class where we’d probably want to curse him out. I hadn’t reached that point (yet) and was having a great time. I really liked the section where we made books. I made this one using one piece of paper. That was the challenge to myself through a good part of the semester – what can I do with one piece of paper. I used watercolor paper for this book and got the coloring with walnut ink. I then used a bunch of collage rubber stamps, many from Inque to decorate it. I used salt in some places on the wet paper and also some dry walnut ink crystals to get various effects. I liked this one and made another for Peter to show other student. He got the projects I didn’t feel like keeping. Hope you like it.

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