Monday, January 19, 2009

Where I've been

This blogger thing is great. I've been posting now for 10 days and I've been gone. That's right, I've been goofing off on the ski slopes of Sugarloaf USA in Carabassett Valley Maine. For the 5 years or so hubby and I have been joining a group of folks and making the trek up to Maine. We stop in Connecticut to visit family and then join the group. We get a great group deal with condo accommodations, a welcome party Monday evening with a free drink and door prizes, lessons if you want them, a five day lift ticket and access to their fitness center with pool and hot tubs.

The picture I've attached is the wire sculpture I did for my Design II class. I used a package of door shims and painted them white to give the sculpture a little more appearance of movement. It is a bit out of proportion, skis have gotten shorter in the last decade but not THAT short. You get the point though it is a skier. This is sort of like my Scream sculpture -- a bit off but I still like it -- I must have since I kept it.

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