Friday, January 2, 2009

Neat book artist

Jackie is a local book artist. I took a class from her just a little over a year ago in early Dec 07. I was surprised she didn't cancel the class since I was her only student. I'm glad she didn't since I got to learn two great techniques for making quick and neat mini books. We made a ribbon hinged book and a neat variation on a mini exploding star style book. I made three more of the mini exploding star books and gave them away to the gals I went to the UK with. (More about that later...). The ribbon hinged book is a signature book. While you are making the signatures you put ribbon in there and then cut a slit in the binding and tie it on the outside. I'm sure the pictures can give you a better idea than my words. The exploding star book would make a great graduation card since it looks like a mortarboard. In class we used card stock so it had color on both sides. I sort of forgot about that when I was making the ones for my friends. I then used some rubber stamps and direct to paper inking to make it double sided.

This is the ribbon hinged book.

I did the yellow and blue book in class and then made these next three at home for friends.

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